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Most people identify their bank as the place where they have a checking account.  Since Hendricks County Bank wants to be your bank, we're committed to providing checking services that meet your needs and expectations.  To determine which checking account and what features are right for you, consider the following:

Checking Accounts

Regular Checking

This is a good account for people who write a limited amount of checks each month.  There's no service charge as long as you maintain a minimum balance.  Images of cancelled checks are returned to you for record keeping purposes.

Perfect Choice Checking

This account has no fees if you meet the following criteria: have a direct deposit, enroll in paperless statements, and 5 or more debit card transactions within the statement cycle. With no minimum balance and a member benefits program, this account is the Perfect Choice for you!

Super Premium Interest Checking

Here's a checking account that pays interest like a savings account!  Open Hendricks County Bank's Super Premium Interest Checking with $50 or more, and earn interest-paid monthly-on the average daily balance.  Maintain a minimum $1000 balance, and pay no service charges or maintenance fees. Per item fee waived for balances above $25,000.

Personal Insured Money Market Account

Combine the convenience of a checking account with the higher interest earnings of a Money Market Account. Open a Hendricks County Bank's Personal Insured Money Market Account with $50.00 and get the best of both worlds:  free checking AND tiered interest rates that pay increasingly more as your balance gets higher.  To avoid maintenance fees, you must maintain a minimum balance of $1000. ( Federal regulation limits the number of withdrawls not made in person.)

Economy Checking

Hendricks County Bank's Economy Checking is free of service charges when signing up for E-statements. No per-item costs.  And no minimum balance requirements.  Write all the checks you need to write---keep your positive balance as low as you like---and never pay a maintenance fee.

Student Checking

A no service fee checking account for students age 16 to 25 with rebates of up to $8.00 of ATM fees. Account may be opened with as little as $50.00.

Senior Checking

This could be exactly what you're looking for!  Hendricks County Bank's Senior 55+ Checking is FREE. There are no service charges.  No per-item costs.  And no minimum balance requirements.  Write all the checks you need to write---keep your positive balance as low as you like---and never pay a maintenance fee.

MasterMoney Debit Card

Our MasterCard Debit Card looks like a credit card, but works like a check.  It's a very convenient way of paying for purchases anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.  You'll draw on "money in the bank" and avoid credit card debt.

Green Reserve Checking

Add the Green Reserve Checking plan to your account and avoid the substantial cost of charges for "bounced" checks.  You'll have peace of mind knowing there's a line of credit backing up your on-the-run bookkeeping.

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